• In-District Transfer Request is required if you want your student(s) to attend a school other than their designated attendance area school for the 2024-25 school year. Please take note of the following important details and deadlines outlined below.

    In-District Transfer Request Procedure Spring 2024

    1. In-District Transfer Request applications will be available on Skyward. In-District Transfer Request applications will be received from March 15 - April 15. Transfer requests received outside of the application window may not be considered.
    2. Parents/guardians will log on to Skyward and complete the In-District Transfer Request Application electronically and provide information which explains the reason(s) for requesting a transfer.
      1. If you have issues with Skyward, please contact your school directly.
    3. Upon submission of the application, the Assistant Superintendent will review the application and request from the parents or guardians any supporting documentation that may assist the District Transfer Committee in the consideration of the request.
    4. When all materials are received, the current (home) school principal and the receiving school principal will review the application and provide feedback to the transfer committee.
    5. The District Transfer Committee will then review the In-District Transfer Request Application and provide written notification to the parents/guardians on or before May 1.
    6. Requests for reconsideration based on additional information must be received prior to May 15.


    USD 230 provides bus service for students attending the school within his/her attendance area. However, bus service is not available to students attending outside of his/her attendance area.

    Reapplication and Revocation of Request

    The district will not require parents to resubmit a new application each school year. A student who has been approved for enrollment and attendance at an alternate district school through the in-district transfer request process may be permitted to continue enrollment in that school unless the student is no longer deemed by district administration to be in good standing or if enrollment at a school increases beyond the building’s capacity.

    Student In Good Standing Criteria

    A student meeting one or more of the following criteria shall automatically be deemed not in good standing.

    • The student failed to maintain a 95% attendance rate in the last school year, excluding excused absences under board policy JBD and/or any relevant student handbook language;
    • The student or the student’s parent or person acting as a parent provided false or fraudulent information in the application process;
    • The student is currently under a period of suspension or expulsion from any Kansas school district, and such suspension or expulsion will not expire until after the next school year has begun.
    • The student has had three or more out of school suspensions in the current school year, excluding suspensions determined to be a manifestation of the student’s disability or a failure on the part of school staff to implement an individualized education program, Section 504 plan, or behavior intervention plan; or
    • The student has been given a long-term suspension or expulsion by the district in the current school year.

    In-District Transfer Request Reasons for Consideration

    Family Move: Students whose parents move during the regular school year into the attendance area of another school within the school district may remain enrolled until the end of the regular school year at the school in which the student was enrolled immediately prior to the move.

    Request from a Governmental Entity: Request from Juvenile Court, DCF, a mental health center, etc., may be approved when the transfer will improve the student’s educational welfare and the receiving building has the capacity to accommodate the student’s needs.

    Special Programs: Transfers may be requested in circumstances where special curricular programs to meet educational needs are available in limited/designated school sites.

    Exceptional Psychological or Health Reasons: A transfer may be requested on the basis of extraordinary psychological or health-related circumstances. As supportive evidence, the District may require a report (which includes the reasons for and benefits of the transfer) prepared by a licensed mental or medical health professional with extensive knowledge of the student and the circumstances surrounding the request.

    Employee of the School District: Employees of the school district may request a transfer of their student(s) to the school in which they work or a school closer to their work location. If the employee should leave employment with the district, their student(s) may be asked to return to the school in their attendance area for the following school year.

    Administrative Placement: In special circumstances, the Superintendent of schools or his/her designee (transfer committee) may place a student in a school other than the school he or she would attend under Board of Education policies. Such placement may be made after consultation with the student's parents or guardians, sending and receiving principals, and other school personnel.


    If you have questions regarding the In-District Transfer Request Procedure, please contact transfers@usd230.org.