• USD 230 logo next to the Queen's Price Chopper logoWe know you’ve experienced an employee going above and beyond for you, a student, a parent, a peer, or a community member! Please help us recognize that employee by completing the short 2022-23 Standing Ovation Nomination form.

    All employees nominated will be recognized with a certificate and three of the nominees (Administration, Certified, Classified) will be chosen as the monthly Price Chopper Standing Ovation winners. The deadline for each month can be found on the Calendar

2022-23 Winners

    • September '22: Marc Williams (SHHS), Elise Olson (TSES), Lloyd Gallagher (SHMS)
    • October '22: Meka Bauer (TSES), Judy Shahan (DCES), Sara Goering (DAC)
    • November '22: Joshua Robinson (DAC), Brian Hogan (PCES), Brandon McCutcheon (ESC)
    • December '22: Beth Cooper (WCES), Leah Good (SHHS), Rena Trappe (SHHS)
    • January '23: Mark Meek (SHMS), Anna Manning (SHHS), Billy Terry (ESC)
    • February '23: Phil Elliott (ESC), Paul Young (SHHS), Jennifer Anderson (SHHS)
    • March '23: 
    • April '23: 
    • May '23:


    For the complete list of past recipients: Previous Standing Ovation Winners