Accountability Reports

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    The Kansas Department of Education's Accountability Reports are given to districts as a whole and represent all schools’ scores and data. The Spring Hill Schools' report includes the virtual schools, Insight School of Kansas and Kansas Virtual Academy. Each school also receives an individual report with their scores and date.

    It is important to look at each individual school’s data in order to fully understand the district’s success. Spring Hill High's graduation rate is 95.2%, but when figured with the virtual school, the district-wide rate is 83.7%. The virtual school’s graduation rate for 2020-21 was 70.3%, but that doesn’t account for the fact that the virtual school is serving students across the state of Kansas, many of whom are at risk. Insight School of Kansas has successfully graduated hundreds of students and provided an excellent alternative for Kansas students who need a setting other than their traditional brick-and-mortar school.

2022 Accountability Reports