• Welcome to Spring Hill Schools! With more than 3,900 students in ten schools, our district has a reputation for providing excellent educational opportunities to its students. In addition, students may participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities and community service projects. With support from parents and the community, work continues each day by dedicated staff members to prepare today`s students for tomorrow`s opportunities. From its start in the late 1800s, Spring Hill Schools has grown to encompass 71 square miles of land, including three municipalities and parts of two counties. Currently, the district has an early childhood center, five elementary schools, three middle schools, and one high school, including a traditional four-year high school and an online school that offers educational opportunities to students across the state of Kansas. 

    The level of support for our new teachers is unmatched; whether you are new to the profession or an experienced professional looking for a change.  Enjoy the assistance of a full-time instructional coach at each building, a new employee resource colleague, behavior interventionists, an IEP coach, a special education instructional coach, reading and math interventionists at the elementary levels and secondary levels as well as incredibly supportive administration.

    As the district moves forward, our schools and communities will continue to share a proud heritage as well as a progressive attitude toward education for all children.