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    JASON FLATT ACT - Youth Suicide Awareness

    On May 13, 2016 Governor Sam Brownback signed The Jason Flatt Act – Kansas in memory of Cady Housh (SB323) into law, making Kansas the 19th state to pass The Jason Flatt Act since 2007. The Jason Flatt Act states, “The board of education of each school district shall provide suicide awareness and prevention programming to all school staff and shall notify the parents or legal guardians of students enrolled in such school district that the training materials provided under such programming are available to such parents or legal guardians.”

    With the tragic consequences of a potential suicide in mind, the Spring Hill School District is committed to suicide awareness, education and prevention. It is critical that parents, educators and community members are aware of the warning signs, indicators of risk, how to report concerns and the process which is in place to help students.

    Kansas Youth Suicide Statistics

    This link contains the most recent youth suicide statistics from the Kansas 2019 Youth Risk Behavioral Survey (CDC).

    Families Resources: 

    Please note: These resources are intended to provide families with educational materials that will help them better recognize “signs of concern” that an at-risk youth may exhibit. Left unaddressed or untreated, these issues that a young person is struggling with could result in suicidal ideation.  Never try to solve this type of problem without obtaining professional help.  Professionals should always be sought whenever there is a possibility of suicidal ideation.

    Hotline Numbers

    • Johnson County Mental Health Crisis Line: (913) 268-0156
    • Miami County Crisis Hotline: 1 (800) 241-1266
    • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 988 (Formerly 1 (800) 273-8255)
    • National Crisis Text Line: Text CONNECT to 741741

    The Jason Foundation

    The Jason Foundation, Inc. (JFI) is dedicated to the prevention of the “Silent Epidemic” of youth suicide through educational and awareness programs that equip young people, educators/youth workers, and parents with the tools and resources to help identify and assist at-risk youth. The president of The Jason Foundation is Clark Flatt, Jason Flatt’s father. On July 16th, 1997 Jason became a statistic of the “Silent Epidemic” of youth suicide. Clark shares his son’s tragic story to help stop teenage suicide and spread awareness about the issue.

    • The Jason Foundation Parent Resource Program: Parents can help make a difference and help us fight the “Silent Epidemic” of youth suicide. Parents can educate themselves about the magnitude of the problem, the signs of concern and the tools of prevention. Click the link above for a list of things parents can do provided by the Jason Foundation .
    • Jason Foundation Parent/Community Seminar: This seminar is a self-contained presentation, presented by Clark Flatt, President of The Jason Foundation and Jason’s Dad. This seminar contains statistical information, warning signs of suicidal ideation, elevated risk factors, what can be done, suggested resources, etc. The presentation runs approximately one hour and 40 minutes and was filmed in 2010. Some of the sponsors and affiliates may have changed, but the message remains the same.


    Zero Reasons Why

    During National Suicide Prevention Week (September 9-15) in 2018, the six school districts in Johnson County, KS joined together to launch the #ZeroReasonsWhy community mobilization campaign. Zero Reasons Why is a Community Mobilization and Story Campaign to prevent teen suicide and drive productive conversations to affirm there are zero reasons why suicide is an option.


    Other Resources