1. SHHS yearbooks are searchable - Press Ctrl-F on a PC or Command-F on a MacBook and search for people by name.
    2. Yearbooks in PDF format may take several minutes to load.
    3. The yearbooks on this page are donated by Spring Hill Alumni and may contain handwritten comments. If there are any that do not meet USD 230 standards, please let us know via email at info@usd230.org.
    4. We will maintain a few years of separation between when new yearbooks are created and when they are published online.
    5. If you have better quality copies of the yearbooks or yearbooks that we are missing and would allow us to scan them, we would love to have the best copies possible. To schedule a time for us to scan your copy, please contact Rebecca Fawcett via email at fawcettr@usd230.org.

SHHS Yearbook Archives