• Use of District Facilities

    District facilities shall be used to the fullest extent possible by community groups and agencies. However, school activities directly related to meeting the educational needs of students shall have priority when scheduling district facilities. 

    The superintendent shall prepare and administer guidelines and procedures for the use of district facilities, which shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

    1. An orderly process for utilization of district facilities by community groups and agencies
    2. Provisions for the control and protection of district facilities
    3. A fee schedule for reimbursing the district for personnel, administrative, utility, and other costs related to facility use by community groups and agencies


    Guidelines and procedures for facility use shall be made readily available to the public. 

    The superintendent shall annually review the established guidelines and procedures and revise them as necessary. 

    The board, through the superintendent, shall reserve the right to approve or reject any request for use or policy relating to district facilities.