• Spring Hill Schools does not cover students with life or health insurance. If your child is injured on school grounds or during a school function or activity, the district is not liable and the family is responsible for handling all related claims and expenses.

    Families are encouraged to consider purchasing a supplemental student accident policy through an insurance agency of your choice. Policies such as this generally cover co-payments and deductibles for injuries sustained in school-sponsored activities, and some policies serve as a primary health policy in absence of other insurance.

    Key Items to Consider

    • Spring Hill Schools does not provide accident or health insurance for your child.
    • If you do not have any insurance, or if you would like to supplement your existing insurance, you may consider information provided by school office staff, or contact a similar company of your own choosing.


    The district requests and recommends that the parent or legal guardian of each student who participates in athletics provides an accident insurance policy to pay the medical expenses for injuries incurred in such programs. If your family does not have insurance, there are other options available.

    An insurance application is available in each of our building's front offices, or you can enroll online. If you sign up for the coverage and have a claim, you will use the same link to file your claim online.

Student Insurance Coverage Options & Details