Degrees and Certifications:

Señora Stueve

I grew up in Maryville, Missouri and I went to the University of Missouri - Columbia, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. Then, I decided to put my Spanish to good use and lived in Spain for a semester where I worked as a nanny for a family with 4 kids and I taught them English. When I returned home, I started teaching at Trinity Catholic High School and worked towards my Master's Degree in Curriculum Instruction at Wichita State. Four years later, I started teaching at Buhler High School, and now, here I am in my 5th year at Spring Hill High School. Yep, that is 12 years of teaching for me, holy cow!

In my free time I enjoy coaching our dance team and color guard.  I also enjoy reading, doing crafts and scrapbooking, and of, course, learning more Spanish by traveling to Spanish speaking countries.  My life long goal is to travel to every Spanish speaking country in the world before I die. However, my all time favorite hobby is spending time with my family and going on vacations with them :)

I am married to a wonderful man named Robert, and together we have a beautiful little boy named Jameson who is 8 years old and a gorgeous little girl named Jordyn who is 3. Jameson is in 2nd grade at Wolf Creek Elementary. My husband works for the United States Government in the Army National Guard. His specialty is Field Artillery. He also works full time as a food analyst at Rosnet.