• Can I change my schedule? Due to class sizes and restrictions in scheduling, class changes will only be made for academic reasons and with good cause. Schedule changes are available at the beginning of each semester.

    1-2 weeks before the term begins and the first two days of the term, students may submit change requests via a Google Drive document that is shared with them by the counseling office. From days 3-10, students may make changes in schedules only by filling out the drop/add form and attaining teacher, administrator, parent, and counseling signatures. After day 10, no schedule changes are allowed.

    Second semester changes should be made before students leave for Winter Break. Once the semester begins, the first semester protocol is followed. Please refer to the Program Planning Guide for more detailed information.

    Schedule changes are not allowed for: 

    • Teacher Preference
    • Class Hour Preference (except for seniors' second semester special scheduling)
    • Lunch Hour Preference