• Student Publications FAQ

    When do I order a yearbook?

    • order for $50 before Dec. 31

    • order for $60 before sales close Jan. 31

    When are senior pictures due?

    • Dec. 1

    When are senior ad orders due?

    • Dec. 1

    When are senior ad materials (photos and messages) due?

    • Dec. 1

    When will yearbooks be distributed?

    • in July of 2023 

    • watch SHHS and SPUB social media accounts for exact times and dates

    • this date allows us to include activities from the whole year

    Is there a news publication?

    • visit www.stampedenews.net

    Who makes decisions about the yearbook and news site?

    • the 100% student staff makes 100% of the decisions

    • faculty advisers only provide guidance

    I have a question. Who do I ask?

    • email spub@usd230.org


    SHHS SPUB Links

    Yearbook order


    • Price goes up Dec. 31

    • Sales close Jan. 31

    • Sales are not reflected in Skyward

    • Keep your emailed receipt until books are distributed

    Senior ad order form


    • Form and payment due Nov. 1

    • Photos and messages due Dec. 1

    Senior portrait submission


    • Due Dec. 1

    Senior quote submission (students only)


    • Due Dec. 1

    Senior accomplishments submission (students only)


    • Due Dec. 1