• Registration & General Course Information

    Spring Hill High offers driver’s education during the summer under the supervision of instructors who have been certified by the Kansas State Department of Education.

    The classroom portion of the course is taught online through the online curriculum agency Virtual Greenbush. The driving portion is taught by SHHS staff over six consecutive days in the summer. 

    Please fill out the required Pre-Registration Form in order to accommodate our anticipated crowd. Once you have filled out the form, a link for payment will be sent to the registrant's email address.  

    Attendance Information: Attendees need to be at least one parent/guardian and the student(s) enrolling. RevTrak payments will be the preferred form of payment. 

    All students wishing to take Driver’s Education at SHHS must enroll at the 2nd Chance Registration Meeting on Thursday, March 9 at 6:00 p.m.

    Students and parents will be presented with some important information promptly at 6:00 p.m. In addition, students will complete the state-required paperwork and receive instructions for the online coursework. Please note that you will not be scheduling drive times at this meeting. Students will be given the opportunity to schedule a drive time at the time of online course completion.

    The fee for enrollment in the SHHS driver’s education program is $274 per in-district student or $400 per out-of-district student (includes state fee). 

    Although the online coursework can be completed from any computer with internet access, please note that the final exam and KS State handbook test must be taken under the supervision of a Spring Hill drivers’ education instructor. Students will not be able to drive with the instructor until he or she has passed the final online exams at the high school. Students may visit the high school during regularly scheduled computer lab times to complete coursework and/or to take the final online exam.

    Students enrolling in the SHHS driver’s education course must be 14 years old by April 1. Although possession of a valid instruction permit is encouraged, it is not necessary for a student to have a valid instruction permit prior to enrolling in driver's education with Spring Hill High. 

    Once the coursework is complete, an instruction permit can be provided by the school that is valid only while driving with the instructor (students possessing this type of permit would be in violation of the law if they attempt to drive outside of their instruction time, even with a licensed driver).

    After Registration

    1. Once payment has been received and registration is complete (usually within a week), students will be provided with the link to enroll with Virtual Greenbush and may begin the online coursework.
    2. The student must visit the high school during one of the scheduled computer lab times to complete the final online exam and KS State Handbook test.
    3. When the student has passed the final exam and KS State Handbook test, he or she will be allowed to schedule his or her driving time with the instructors. Appointments will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.


    Online courses require about the same amount of work as regular high school classes. However, you will notice that online learning requires more student responsibility when completing assignments and activities. Active support from parents can play a key role in assisting the student to complete coursework as well as developing the work ethic needed to be successful in this learning environment.

    Behind the Wheel

    It is absolutely essential for students to be on time for all scheduled driving sessions. Because drive times are shared, the instructor will not wait for late arrivals, and the student will need to contact the instructor to make up his or her driving session. A make-up fee may be assessed for missed sessions.

    Resources & Links

    Contact Information

    Contact the SHHS front office at (913) 592-7299 with any questions.