• JCCC Concurrent Enrollment

    You can earn JCCC college credits at the same time as you earn SHHS high school credits for these classes:

    • Statistics
    • Calculus
    • English Comp I and II
    • College Biology
    • Medical Terminology
    • College Algebra

    College Now

    Courses (Statistics, Calculus, Composition, College Biology, Medical Terminology):

    • Fall 2023 Steps to Apply, Enroll and Pay
      • Enrollment Period: 
    • Fall 2023 JCCC CRN Numbers:
      • Composition I (JCCC Eng 121/Composition 1): 
      • Statistics (JCCC Math 181/Statistics): 
      • Calculus (JCCC Math 241/Calculus 1): 
      • College Biology (JCCC Biol 121/Intro to Biology for Non Majors): 
      • Medical Terminology (JCCC Healthcare 130):
    • Spring 2023 JCCC CRN Numbers (Coming in November 2023):
      • Composition II (Eng 122/Composition 2)

    Spring Hill Education Foundation College Now Scholarship

    SHHS students who have earned qualifying scores on Accuplacer or ACT test for intended College Now course (if required by JCCC) may apply for a SHEF College Now Scholarship for fall courses. Ten $300 scholarships will be awarded.

    Quick Step

    Enrolling in Quick Step Courses at JCCC:

    A Quick Step course is ANY course taken on the JCCC campus or online. Enrolling in a Quick Step class is almost entirely up to the student. Students must first apply to JCCC if they have not been previously admitted. After acceptance, the student may enroll in the course. Check out the important JCCC enrollment dates. When the student is successfully enrolled in the JCCC class, the student must show proof of enrollment to their counselor. Two courses will be dropped from the student's high school schedule if the course is taken on the JCCC campus, while one course will be dropped if the course is taken online. Students are responsible for submitting a transcript to their counselor following the completion of the course so that the grade may be recorded for high school credit.

    Students who are participating in KSHSAA sponsored sports or activities must understand that one three-hour JCCC course is equivalent in credit to one semester of high school credit (.5). Five courses (Guided Study Hall, Advisory, and TA don’t count) are required for a student to be eligible for any Kansas State High School Activities Association activity. Students typically receive only college credit for a Quick Step class. Final grades will be recorded on a JCCC transcript only. Students must request a transcript be sent from JCCC to SHHS AND notify the counseling office that they want JCCC credit added to their high school transcript. Students who are participating in any KSHSAA activity will be required to put the minimum five courses on their high school transcript.

    Quick Step Plus Courses (College Algebra):

    Fall 2023 Steps to Apply, Enroll and Pay

      • Enrollment Period: 
    • Fall 2023 JCCC CRN Numbers:
      • College Algebra (QSPCA College Algebra): For ACT scores to be sent to JCCC, complete this Google Request Form.