• Welcome to the Spring Hill High Band! We are looking very forward to building this program. This handbook is intended to prevent any surprises with our policies and procedures. Please read thoroughly and reply with the check-off sheet at the end.

  • General Classroom Rules

  • Classroom Etiquette

  • Instrument Lockers

  • Cell Phones/MP3 Players

  • Lettering Points

  • Discipline

  • Grading System

  • Football/Basketball Games

  • Concerts

  • Extra Credit

  • Required Items

  • Concert Etiquette

  • Guidelines for Grades and Music Performances

  • Please cut, sign and return this form by Tuesday, August 25. This is your first grade in this class.

    I (print student name) ____________________________ have read and understand the Band Handbook and all of its guidelines. I also understand that there are no permission slips for band/jazz activities. By signing this paper, you acknowledge that your son/daughter is authorized to attend all school-sponsored activities as provided on the official band office door calendar.

    (Student Sign) ______________________ (Date)_____________

    (Parent Sign)_______________________ (Date)______________