• Service-learning as curriculum at Spring Hill High had its beginning as a result of wanting to do more than the options in place. It became apparent that a great deal was missing from the level of service and commitment to the community. As an interest in helping increased, the awareness of what was needed grew along with it.

    Spring Hill High's Service-Learning Program grew from the Volunteer Club. It was designed to not only provide credit for service, but to incorporate service directly into the curriculum. Where the Volunteer Class rewards the students with service itself, the volunteer program rewards the student with an academic, service-based portion of their education that becomes a part of their school record. It provides a lasting as well as exemplary addition to their transcripts. The Volunteer Class is a student-driven class where the students select, organize, implement and reflect upon the projects. The class also directs the activities of the Volunteer Club, providing the essential student-based leadership as well as the example for individual service benefits.

    The district’s vision is to prepare, but also create an understanding of a lifelong commitment that students can contribute to society. Service-learning by its very nature fulfills this obligation. Spring Hill Schools' mission or vision statement as shown below, directly mirrors the mission statement of the volunteer program. Most of the objectives of the district’s mission are practiced and an integral part of the volunteer program.

  • NobleCause Grant

  • Service-Learning Award