• Which elections are coming up?

    How do I register?

    Voter registration forms are available in the high school front office. To register online, please visit the Kansas Online Voter Registration!

    Visit www.voteks.org for information & tips for new voters and what to expect on election day.

    Important Details to Note

    • If you move before election day, please be sure to change your address with the Election Board or with the Driver’s License Bureau (Informing the DL bureau will automatically change it with the Election Board).
    • Will you be at college on election day? You will be able to vote via Absentee Ballot (You can find information on the websites above). You MUST be registered to vote within 21 days before the election you plan to vote in.
    • Currently, driver’s licenses are not acceptable forms of ID for registering to vote in Kansas. When you head to the polls to vote, you DO need to take your driver’s license as a form of ID.
    • Are you only 17? If you will turn 18 before or on an election day, you can still register ahead of time! You will not be able to vote until you are 18.
    • Volunteer to be a poll worker & take part in the election day excitement while giving back to your community.
    • If you are passionate about a candidate or issue, find the candidate or organization's local campaign office & ask how you can get involved.