• Picture of Lynette PfingstenWhat does the school counselor do?

    My name is Lynette Pfingsten and I am the counselor here at Wolf Creek Elementary. As a professional school counselor, my role is to assist students and their families in academic, social/emotional and career domains through classroom, small group, and individual counseling. I look forward to collaborating with you this school year!

    Why should students talk with the school counselor?

    The school counselor is always a great listener. I can help you celebrate good news, discover the solution to a problem, or just listen when you are sad. Below I have listed reasons others have come to my office.

    • Friendship Problems
    • Being teased or bullied
    • Loss of a pet or family member
    • Feelings of anger
    • Sadness
    • Divorce or changes in your family
    • Learning to make new friends
    • Setting goals
    • Trouble with school work
    • Worrying
    • Understanding feelings


    For more information about school counseling at Wolf Creek, please visit Ms. Pfingsten's Counselor Corner website!