• Welcome to Scholars Bowl! We are a group of students who participate in academic competitions throughout the greater Kansas City metro area and in surrounding rural districts. Tournaments are generally held after school with the exception of state competition, which is held on a Saturday. Each tournament consists of several rounds, and the number of rounds depends on how the school structures its tournament. Two formats are used: head-to-head round robin with all teams included, or pool play round robin. Each round consists of 16 questions—three math, three language arts, three social science, three science, three fine arts (usually), and one toss-up. Five people make up a team, although one extra person can accompany the team as an alternate. You can expect an average of about 10 invitations from other schools during the year. Each student can participate in eight tournaments.

    The Scholars Bowl team is a great group of students and we are always welcoming new members. All grades are invited.


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