• Headshot of Marc WilliamsWelcome to Spring Hill High (SHHS)! I believe that you will find SHHS to be an excellent school with outstanding kids and a dedicated, caring, and supportive faculty. The number one purpose of any school is learning. We believe our school must exist for the purpose of individual and group growth and to provide numerous opportunities for student involvement. We encourage every student to be actively engaged and participate in many of the opportunities available at our school. We are committed to providing a safe, positive environment that is student-centered and conducive to learning. We have great kids and we expect them to be great.

    As building principal, I will emphasize three themes that our entire school populace will practice every day: Responsibility, Respect, and Safety. At SHHS, we are all expected to live by “The Golden Rule” and most definitely believe that “Education is a Shared Responsibility.” This motto implies that it is crucial students, staff members and parents work together in a spirit of cooperation, mutual focus, and support so that our students may then attain their highest levels. Thank you for your ongoing and continual support of SHHS.

    SHHS is a spectacular school that proudly represents the spirit of our students, families, and the entire school community. It is my honor to be your principal.

    Marc Williams

    SHHS Princpial