• Headshot of Rod Sprague

    Welcome to the 2022-23 School Year!

    The 2022-23 school year is probably one of the most anticipated school years that I can imagine. There is so much promise that this school year has in store for our students and our community. I am looking forward to seeing our students active in the classroom learning and growing into great young people. I am excited to see them perform in performing arts, academic competitions, activities, and much more.

    In the spring of 2020, the #StallionStrong was very important as we had the greatest challenge any of us can remember. Last year our theme was #StallionsTogether because it was more important than ever for us to come together as a community for our students. The theme for 2022-23 is #StallionsForward. We will be taking all of the life lessons we have learned over the past two years and moving forward together to accomplish our goals and celebrate great accomplishments in the classroom, as well as in activities and performing arts.

    I can’t wait to see all of the achievements of our students this school year.

    Mr. Sprague

    WSMS Principal