• Front of SHELA BuildingWelcome to the Spring Hill Early Learning Academy! Students aged three to five (not kindergarten eligible) join us each day on their path to life-long learning. The school's staff and families firmly believe that a strong early foundation in school leads to continued success, as research shows that the experiences and learning that occur prior to entering kindergarten greatly impact children's success in elementary school.

    USD 230 early learning services are designed to meet the needs of younger children before they enter kindergarten. Through a variety of activities and programs (Parents as Teachers, Peer Model, State Preschool Program, Early Childhood Special Education), students and families alike are able to establish the foundations for a lifelong, quality education.

    The preschool program primarily serves children with developmental delays; however, we also have spots for peers and State Preschool Program students. Eligibility for services (our peer model program and our State Preschool Program) are determined through screenings. Screenings are held monthly to determine the appropriate placement.

    Accessibility of Facilities

    To obtain specific information as to the existence and location of services, activities, and facilities that are accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities, please contact our Administrative Secretary at (913) 592-7222.

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