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    March 2023

  • From Mrs. Barnhil

    It’s March!!! 

    Spring is a busy time here at Spring Hill Early Learning Academy.  Please be sure to read through the March Newsletter for an update on what is happening.  For up to the minute information, check our website. Let me hit some of the highlights:

    March 13-20:
    Spring Break
    March 21:  Students return to class
    March 23: we are excited to host our in person S.T.E.A.M. event.  The building will be open from 5:00 to 6:00.  Parents and students are welcome to come in and enjoy some hands-on learning activities just for preschoolers.  There will be some take-home activity suggestions too.

    Stephanie Barnhill, Principal



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  • Nurse's Corner

    Yoga Month! Yoga is not only a great way to stretch and get your wiggles out, but it's also great for your balance. So get your yoga on! 


    Dates to Remember

    March 6: Mixed up Monday/Wacky socks
    March 7: Book Character Day
    March 8: Dress your best-- PICTURE DAY
    March 9: Future Day: What would you want to be in the future?
    March 10: Cowboy/Cowgirl Day
    March 13-20: No School

    Other Reminders

    Spring break March 13-20

    Preview of the Week of the Young Child April 3-7.
    On Tuesday, April 4:  The Dairy Lady and Daisy Mae will be there. Parents are welcome to attend the presentation and learn all about dairy cows and their importance to health and nutrition.  Each presentation lasts approximately 20-30 minutes.
    Morning classes’ presentation begins at 10:15
    Afternoon classes’ presentation begins at 12:45

    Wednesday, April 5:
    Community Helper Day–Parent Volunteer Opportunity.  If you would like to assist with student supervision, please be sure you have completed the background check.  Since volunteers will be supervising SHELA students, we ask that siblings not attend.
    Expected guests include:
    JOCO Fire Department–students will learn about fire safety and get a tour of the fire truck.
    Spring Hill SROs Officer Pechnik and Officer Ramos will be here to talk with students and give them a tour of their patrol car.  (Officer Gus the therapy dog might make an appearance)
    Construction New this year
    Ms. Laura may bring some surprise guests as well.

    Friday, April 7:
    Kindergarten Roundup at your attending school for all students transitioning to Kindergarten in August.

    Important Reminders: 

    Moderating temperatures mean more opportunities for our students to play outside.  Please be sure your student wears footwear that will allow them to navigate a variety of surfaces safely.


    As the weather gets warmer, there will be more foot and bicycle traffic around the school grounds.  Not only will you see our preschoolers, but students are passing through from Spring Hill Elementary and Spring Hill Middle School.  Please use the designated patron parking lot for arrival and dismissal.

    For parents using the arrival/dismissal car line, please remember to follow the traffic loop so that traffic is contained on our campus.

    If you are parking and walking to pick up your child, please wait for a staff member to dismiss your child.

    Thank you for your help in keeping students and staff safe.


SHELA Book Club

  • A Is for Awesome!: 23 Iconic Women Who Changed the World

    by Eva Chen Year Published: 2019

    This book through the alphabet shows women who helped change the world and continue too. 

    Why stick with plain old ABwhen you can have Amelia (Earhart), MalalaTina (Turner), Ruth (Bader Ginsburg), all the way to eXtraordinary You―and the Zillion of adventures you will go on?

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  • Mae Among the Stars

    by Roda Ahmed Year Published: 2018

    When Little Mae was a child, she dreamed of dancing in space. She imagined herself surrounded by billions of stars, floating, gliding, and discovering.

    She wanted to be an astronaut.

    Her mom told her, "If you believe it, and work hard for it, anything is possible.”

    Little Mae’s curiosity, intelligence, and determination, matched with her parents' encouraging words, paved the way for her incredible success at NASA as the first African American woman to travel in space.

    This book will inspire other young girls to reach for the stars, to aspire for the impossible, and to persist with childlike imagination. 

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  • My Shadow is Purple

    by Scott Stuart Year Published: 2022

    Book of the month for January

    Inspired by the author's own son, this is a story about a boy who enjoys dancing, sports and a variety of different things. He starts to wonder if he is the only one who is different until the school dance, when he finds out that everyone is their own unique self.  What color is your shadow? 

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  • Ten on the Sled

    by Kim Norman Year Published: 2010

    Book of the Month for December

    A favorite children's song ("Ten on the Bed") gets a delightfully slippery, slide-y twist! In the land of the midnight sun, all the animals are having fun speeding down the hill on Caribous sled. But as they go faster and faster, Seal, Hare, Walrus, and the others all fall off . . . until just the caribous are left, and lonely. Now, a reindeer likes flying-but never alone, so . . . all the animals leap onto the sled again!

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  • Strega Nona's Harvest

    by Tomie dePaola Year Published: 2009

    Book of the Month for November

    In this humorous tale, Strega Nona attempts to teach Big Anthony about gardening and the importance of order. But when Big Anthony does not follow her directions and tries to use her growing spell, his small vegetable patch turns into an unruly jungle! What will they do with all the extra vegetables?

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  • The Leaf Thief

    by Alice Hemming Year Published: 2020 Children's Book

    Book of the Month for October 

    Squirrel loves counting the leaves on his tree--red leaves, gold leaves, orange, and more. But hold on! One of his leaves is missing! On a quest to find the missing leaf, Squirrel teams up with his good friend Bird to discover who the leaf thief could be among their forest friends.

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  • Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes

    by Eric Litwin Year Published: 2011

    Book of the Month for September

    It's Pete the Cat's first day of school! He's wearing his totally awesome school shoes, which take him all over the school. From the library to the playground, Pete encounters one new place after another. But he knows he has nothing to worry about, because he's ready for anything in his special red shoes!

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