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Recent Celebrations 02/08/2023

The Dayton Creek kindergarteners and first graders participated in a couple celebrations recently.

Kansas Day:

With Kansas' birthday landing on Sunday, January 29th, the kindergarten classes chose to celebrate Friday, January 27th. They participated in small group rotations that focused on different symbols of Kansas. They made bison hand puppets, box turtles, and cottonwood trees. They also worked on a mini-research activity where they learned about each of those symbols and filled in a few notes.

teacher standing, students sitting & constructing cottonwood tree craft


100th & 101st Days of School:

Last week, kindergarten celebrated the 100th day of school. They were able to dress up as if they were 100 years old. They had fun activities to engage in throughout the day.

students showing excitement for being 100 days brighter      two students cutting and gluing an activity


For the 101st day of school, the first graders were able to dress up as if they were 101 years old or as a dalmation (101 Dalmatians). A fun activity they participated in was a Hershey's Kiss hunt. There were 101 kisses hidden around the room and students had to find them. They also played games that reinforced counting and writing to 101.

students dressed as 101 years old or 101 dalmatians