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BOE Meeting Recap, 03/06/2023

The Spring Hill Schools Board of Education met March 6, 2023 at the District Administrative Center to discuss several items. The following are some important highlights from the meeting:

2024-25 Calendar

At the 2/27 meeting, Superintendent Dr. Link Luttrell discussed two options for the 2024-25 calendar with the Board. The recommendation was to approve Option 2 for the 2024-25 district calendar.

The Board approved the recommendation with the approval (5-0 vote, 1 abstain) of the consent agenda. View the 2024-25 calendar.

2023-24 District Fees

At the 2/13 meeting, Director of Business & Finance Doug Schwinn presented the proposed district fees for the 2023-24 school year to the Board:

  • Instructional materials fees - $10 increase
  • Technology fees - Fee eliminated
  • Preschool fees - $20 per month increase
  • Meal prices - No change
  • Pay-To-Ride fees - Fee adjusting based on an anticipated increase with First Student
  • Driver's Education fees - No change


The Board approved the recommendation with the approval (5-0 vote, 1 abstain) of the consent agenda. View the 2023-24 district fees.

District Safety

At the 2/27 meeting, Superintendent Dr. Link Luttrell recommended CENTEGIX™'s CrisisAlert™ product at the proposed total cost of $575,950. Blue Valley Schools and Olathe Public Schools, who both currently use the system, provided anecdotal data.

The Board approved the recommendation with a 5-1 vote. View the presented information on BoardDocs.

Good News, Recognitions, & Announcements

Superintendent Dr. Link Luttrell shared a What’s Going Well at TSES? video with the Board:

Dr. Luttrell surprised Director of Teaching and Learning Dr. Erin Smith with a Core Values Award for Transparent Leadership. Dr. Smith was recognized for her work as the leading force behind the district’s KESA accreditation for the past two years, as well as for being an integral part of the strategic planning process and execution. While managing these high level ventures, Dr. Smith has worked tirelessly to ensure transparency among stakeholders while inviting open dialogue and feedback.

Dr. Erin Smith, with leadership, smiling with Core Values Award

SHRC Representative

At the 1/9 meeting, the Board discussed the open Spring Hill Recreation Commission board representative opening that serves as a liaison for the school district. The Board interviewed five applicants with the goal to fill this vacancy. Meghan Russell was elected to fill the appointed SHRC board position.


Superintendent Dr. Link Luttrell discussed First Student transportation contract options with the Board. Representatives from First Student presented highlights from single tier and double tier service options for the 2023-24 school year and beyond.

This discussion will come back at a future meeting. View the presented information on BoardDocs.

Upcoming Summer Projects

Director of Facilities Kyley Delphia shared upcoming summer facility maintenance projects with the Board:

  • District
    • District-wide parking lots (Crack seal, pothole repairs, striping)
  • Spring Hill Early Learning Academy
    • Re-tile snack room floor
  • Prairie Creek Elementary
    • Re-epoxy foyer restrooms and water fountain area
    • Sidewalk additions from pods to main sidewalk
  • Spring Hill Elementary
    • Lighting upgrades
    • Carpet replacement
    • Water fountain replacement
    • Kitchen (Production area, storage addition)
  • Timber Sage Elementary
    • Sidewalk drainage issue
  • Wolf Creek Elementary
    • Carpet replacement
  • Spring Hill Middle
    • Flooring upgrades (Carpet replacement, polished concrete floors, epoxy flooring)
    • Restroom partition replacement
    • Kitchen serving area remodel
    • Lighting upgrades
    • Landscaping
    • Painting
    • Concrete repairs
  • Spring Hill High
    • Carpet replacement
    • Lighting upgrades
    • Parking lot drive lights replacement
    • Water fountain replacement
    • Netting system on backstops of baseball/softball field
    • New track shot put area


View the entire presentation on BoardDocs.


The complete agenda is available by visiting the BoardDocs website.

The complete meeting recording is available by visiting the Spring Hill Schools YouTube channel.