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BOE Meeting Recap, 01/23/2023

The Spring Hill Schools Board of Education met January 23, 2023 at Wolf Creek Elementary for the school’s morning meeting and to discuss several items. The following are some important highlights from the meeting:

WCES Building Presentation

Wolf Creek Elementary Principal Beth Cooper, along with several WCES staff, shared information with the Board about the school’s Professional Learning Communities (PLC) work.

Good News, Recognitions, & Announcements

Wolf Creek Elementary Principal Beth Cooper recognized two WCES staff with a Core Values Award: Amanda Preston and Sandra Milner with a Core Values Award for World Class Staff.

Student Devices for 2023-24

Director of Technology Phil Elliott further discussed the purchase of student mobile devices for 2023-24 school year instructional use with the Board. The district is considering a transition in secondary student devices from the current Macbooks to iPads, which would provide many advantages. The student iPad bundle would include a 64 GB iPad, keyboard case and a three-year accidental damage warranty.

The discussion will come back as an action item at a future meeting. View the presented information on BoardDocs.


The complete agenda is available by visiting the BoardDocs website.

The complete meeting recording is available by visiting the Spring Hill Schools YouTube channel.