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Meek (SHMS), Wyse (TSES), & Snow-Hileman (SHHS) Announced as April '24 Standing Ovation Honorees, 04/19/2024

Congratulations to our April 2024 Price Chopper Standing Ovation honorees:

  • Administration - Mark Meek, Spring Hill Middle
    • “Mr. Meek is a wonderful leader who has worked hard to develop meaningful relationships with staff at SHMS. Mr. Meek truly has an open-door policy and is always willing to problem-solve and support staff in any need. He truly listens to the needs of those around him and works hard to ensure that staff feel supported and valued. He is a great blessing to SHMS, and our community and we are so glad to call him our Fearless Leader. Unless there is a Snake around...”
  • Certified - Jamie Wyse, Timber Sage Elementary
    • “There are not enough words to describe how important Jamie is to our school. She goes above and beyond, and then some, every single day for the entire building. Jamie takes on roles that are not hers and does it with grace and kindness. She knows what the staff and students need to be successful and makes sure we are all taken care of. We could not make it every day without Jamie!”
  • Classified - Jeana Snow-Hileman, Spring Hill High
    • “Jeana does a fantastic job with her students and she is such an asset to our school. She is positive and patient and always goes above and beyond with both her students and the classroom teacher. Her presence is calming, and she makes her students feel loved and supported. We are lucky to have you, Jeana!”

Mark Meek smiling with Standing Ovation certificate and blanket prizeJamie Wyse smiling with Standing Ovation certificate and blanket prizeJeana Snow-Hileman smiling with Standing Ovation certificate and blanket prize

Thank you for recognizing and supporting our excellent employees! Let's hear it for all of our April 2024 Price Chopper Standing Ovation nominees:

  • District Administrative Center - Carrie Mullies x2, Cortney Keaton, Dr. Erin Smith, Kris Guardado, Kristen Zuck, Landon Parker x2, Laura Warthen, Rachael Schaffer
  • Educational Support Center - Aaron Pegel, Matthew Swafford
  • Spring Hill Early Learning Academy - Angie Stites, Carly Roberts, Kelly King, Laura Hines, Tracy Garnett
  • Prairie Creek Elementary - Bobbi Jo Wenciker
  • Spring Hill Elementary - Ashley McGregor, Dayhan Perrin, Elizabeth Beauchamp, Hanna Kline, Jessica McLennan, Kasey Vlietstra, Lori Edmonds, Michelina Cooke
  • Timber Sage Elementary - Alicia Iden, Aubry Lewis, Elise Olson x2, Jamie Wyse, Jonathan Dodds, Megan Novellano, Melissa Bratten, Mikayla Campos x2, Mikayla Grimes, Tamara Stipsits, Terri Newkirk
  • Wolf Creek Elementary - Ashley O'Malley x2, Deb Edwards, Erica Book, Jennifer Huxtable, Joanne Kaechele x2, Joslyn Jackson, Kim Demings, Kristy Mader, Leslie Schmidt, Samantha Hageberg
  • Forest Spring Middle - Angela Faulds, Autumn Beashore, Cheynne Swanson, Heather deLeon, Jessica Dome, Karen Pringle, Kathryn Gomez, Kaylee Duncan, Kelly Owsley, Lindsey Bales, Lynsie Cox, Taylor Woodward
  • Spring Hill Middle - Julia Pape, Mark Meek, Rebecca Cheek
  • Woodland Spring Middle - Brogan Roark, Jolene Rutledge, Keaton Clark, Morgan McIntire, Stephanie Ferguson
  • Spring Hill High - Adrianna Wendel, Alicia Hampton, Ashley Peterson x2, Carter Couchman, Curtis Myer, Jamie Oshel, Jason Feeback, Jeana Snow-Hileman x2, Mary Larson, Rachel Elsey, Savannah Whitesell x2, Stephanie Hojnacki, Sydney Katz, Tabetha Davis x2


To recognize an employee who has gone above and beyond for you or someone you know, please complete the short 2023-24 Standing Ovation Nomination form.