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BOE Meeting Recap, 03/25/2024

By Marissa Winkel, For Spring Hill Schools

The Spring Hill Schools Board of Education met March 25, 2024 at the District Administrative Center to discuss several items. The following are important highlights from the meeting:

Good News, Recognitions, & Announcements

Action Items

Discussion Items


Good News, Recognitions, & Announcements

Stephanie Barnhill, Spring Hill Early Learning Academy principal, recognized three teachers for the Core Value of Student Success. She additionally recognized three paraprofessionals for the Core Value of Supportive Environment. 

Barnhill recognized Laura Hines, Jennifer Schmidtberger and Heather Thomspon, teachers who made a large impact on the Early Learning Academy program. “These ladies have seen many changes throughout their years in Spring Hill, and they have been an integral part in creating the program we have today. Five teachers moved the Early Childhood program to the new facility in December of 2019. These three ladies remained with the program playing a major role in planning for the onsite classes as we re-opened during the pandemic,” Barnhill said. “Their dedication to ensuring all our young scholars succeed is phenomenal.”

Hines, Schmidtberger & Thomspon smiling with Core Value Award with district leadership

Barnhill recognized three paraprofessionals, Lindsay Yoder, Krystal O’Neal and Kelly King, who also made a large impact on young scholars. “They too have been through many changes throughout the years and continued to step up to each new opportunity to create unique learning experiences for our young scholars,” Barnhill said. “Without them, the program wouldn’t be what it is, and I [wouldn’t] be able to do the job I do, so I thank all these ladies very much.”

Yoder, O’Neal & King smiling with Core Value Award with district leadership

This month’s What’s Going Well video showcases daily excelling activities at Prairie Creek Elementary.

A shout out was given to Ava Rushing, junior at Spring Hill High, for designing the Spring Hill on the Move T-Shirt design, and for her exemplary achievements through marketing, advertising, and more of her successful pursuits at the high school.

Ava Rushing's SHotM Design

Be sure to check out the many other activities going well at each school.


Action Items

Dr. Erin Smith, director of teaching & learning, walked through two curriculum items requested for renewal. One product renewal requested, Formative, is a website used by teachers for creating assessments and analyzing the given data from student assessment provided via Formative. The other item, a product called Make Music, is a platform used by the district’s secondary music teachers to adequately practice for live music performances. The Board approved of the renewal of these items.

The Teaching & Learning department recommended test pilots of new textbooks for the following high school courses: Auto, Home, & Life, Honors Biology, Carpentry, Computer Science, and Spanish. Per Policy IF, regarding instructional resource review, the textbooks were reviewed by the following groups: Teacher Selection Committee, Public Participation, and Education Advisory Council. All participating groups returned positive feedback upon reviewing the newly proposed textbook material. The Board approved the pilots of the new material after thorough review.

Kyley Delphia, director of facilities, touched on maintenance projects discussed in the previous meeting. Several maintenance projects proposed for summer, are to include several flooring, pavement, and other projects which aim to perfect areas of schools needing maintenance improvement. The Board approved of the maintenance projects.


Discussion Items

Adrianna Wendel, high school thespian sponsor, proposed for her thespian students to attend the international thespian festival for the last week of June 2024. Three students qualified to compete at the national level upon previously competing at state level. Attending this festival at Indiana University Bloomington would allow students to attend several thespian seminars. They would learn from professionals all over the world, including professionals from New York and Chicago. After careful consideration of the trip’s credentials, the Board will bring this back at a future meeting to consider approval.

Alex Kunkle, high school debate and forensics sponsor, spoke on behalf of two trips those students have the opportunity of attending. The first trip is the NCFL Grand National Forensics tournament to be held over Memorial Day weekend in Chicago. The second trip is the NSDA tournament from June 9 to June 14 in Des Moines, Iowa. After careful consideration of these trips’ credentials, the Board will bring this back at a future meeting to consider approval.

Library Media Specialists from elementary and secondary levels provided an overview of services provided as well as careful procedures done in our libraries for book review procedures. While this type of review is similar to guidelines for instructional purchases/textbooks, a specially developed process applies to reviewing books that are included in our school libraries. Dr. Smith welcomed all Library Media Specialists to speak on behalf of their daily services.

Clay Frigon, high school assistant principal and athletic director, presented information on renewing a trainer agreement for 2024 as the district is approaching expiration for the existing athletic trainer. There are plans to request occasional times for athletic trainer presence at a middle school within an advanced prior notice to the trainer each time it is needed at a middle school. This contract renewal will renew the previous three-year agreement with a trainer who was spoken very highly of in her services of assisting student athletes. There is a large importance for trainers to be there for our students in scenarios of severe injury. The Board will bring this back for approval consideration during a future meeting.

Tim Meek, director of construction & safety, along with Dr. Link Luttrell, superintendent, has continued to work with the Johnson County Sheriff's Department regarding a new three-year SRO contract as the district is approaching expiration of the previous contract. If approved, this would increase our current total of two full-time SROs to three full-time SROs so as to provide more safety coverage at all schools. This draft provides the option of potentially adding more SROs for future years. Not only will this additional hire require Board approval, but also it will require approval from the Board of County Commissioners in order to make potential negotiation with the Sheriff's Department based on their staffing needs. This will be brought for further consideration at a future meeting.

The current plan for elementary students provides iPads to kindergarten - first grade levels and Chromebooks for second - fifth grade levels, both of which stay on campus for student use. Due to growth and damage of the devices which are out of warranty, an additional 90 devices are needed for this inventory based on student growth, incoming seniors and exiting seniors. However, rather than Chromebook replacement, it was recommended that second grade devices be replaced with iPads with keyboards. This is due to the fact that the Chromebooks were not a desired device for next year’s replacement and the iPad option would be preferable. Along with the 90 iPads with keyboards to be purchased, they would each acquire a three-year accidental damage warranty. This will be brought back for approval consideration at a future meeting.

As stated in previous meetings, Dr. Joshua Robinson, assistant superintendent, touched on in-district transfer guidelines as they are being updated based on statute guidelines. As required by statute, Robinson presented the expected capacity numbers for each grade level in each school building for the 2024-25 school year. Robinson presented the capacity recommendation for grade levels kindergarten - eighth grade and for grade levels ninth - twelfth grade.


The complete agenda and presented information are available by visiting BoardDocs.

The complete meeting recording is available by visiting the Spring Hill Schools YouTube channel.