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BOE Meeting Recap, 02/12/2024

By Marissa Winkel, For Spring Hill Schools

The Spring Hill Schools Board of Education met February 12, 2024 at the District Administrative Center to discuss several items. The following are important highlights from the meeting:

Good News, Recognitions, & Announcements

Action Items

Discussion Items


Good News, Recognitions, & Announcements

Feb. 15 is National School Resource Officer Appreciation Day. “USD 230 is fortunate to have two resource officers that serve our schools in a very positive manner. They are very well respected by not only our students, but our staff as well as our other patrons and parents,” Dr. Link Luttrell, superintendent, said. Luttrell and the Board shared their appreciation for Deputy Pechnik and Deputy Ramos for their outstanding job of ensuring campuses remain safe.

SRO Deputy Ramos smilingSRO Deputy Pechnik

This month’s What’s Going Well video, created by the communication & engagement department, showcases Forest Spring Middle.


Action Items

In a previous meeting, the high school AP Government course’s textbook was subjected to evaluation. Dr. Erin Smith, director of teaching & learning, spoke on behalf of the evaluation process. Alex Winkler, high school social studies teacher, Gissel McDonald, high school instructional coach, and Kelley Colwell, high school social studies teacher, are all AP trained and overviewed the AP Government course textbook. After a lengthy process of the team’s evaluation since last summer, they found a textbook that meets expectations. The Board approved the textbook.

The Board approved the 2024-25 academic program guide for high school, middle schools and elementary schools. This new course guide shows the new course additions. It will also show the new graduation requirements, which will start taking place for the class of 2028.

As stated in previous meetings, Dr. Joshua Robinson, assistant superintendent, overviewed the new in-district transfer guidelines and the new procedures which are newly aligned with Kansas statute. The Board approved these new guidelines.

As overviewed in previous meetings, the Board has developed new guidelines proposing updated procedures for instructional material selections. This provides better clarity on the correct procedures to go through upon textbook and instructional material approval prior to being brought into classrooms. Dr. Smith overviewed the changes that have been made since January, and the Board approved the new guidelines.

Presented in the last meeting, Dr.  Robinson reviewed new policies recommended per statute. GARID would go through changes that clarify there is a wider range of military identification that should qualify for military leaves. GARIA benefits pregnant and parenting employees, giving them better accommodating lactation breaks. These newly adjusted policies will comply with regulations of state and federal law. The Board approved these policies.

Back in October, Kyley Delphia, director of facilities, presented a grant that would account for half the costs of new playground equipment for Spring Hill Elementary. Due to the rough winter season, the process of installation was slowed down. Delphia, and the elementary school, suggested delaying the installation until the summer. This will not only prevent safety concerns as far as recess taking place within the installation vicinity but also prevent students’ limited recess spaces. The Board discussed the finances of installation procedures and approved the proposal.


Discussion Items

SHEF logoThe Spring Hill Education Foundation is an organization that helps raise and distribute funds that benefit students and staff of USD 230. Grant Ewing, SHEF president, discovered the need for a full-time coordinator to manage these distributions. B.J. Harris, coordinator of SHEF, was hired to help manage these opportunities and events to furthermore support the district. Harris provides an overview of how SHEF can support the district and enhance the education opportunities for students and staff.

Rob Schwartz, CEO of RSP & Associates, reported on enrollment projections for USD 230. This helps guide decision-making as far as staffing, enhancements, facility upgrades, and more for the district. Schwartz provides the forecast that will continue to increase for the district within the next five to ten years. This process analyzed in and out student migration, and changes between the senior class population versus the incoming kindergarten class populations to know what increase the district needs to prepare for. Several different demographics were provided which indicated what length of capacity adjustments are required.

Dr. Robinson and Dr. Smith worked to develop a Strategic Plan 2028 update. A large amount of this update showcases Student Success. Dr. Smith showed USD 230 state assessment scores are surpassing the state average in both Johnson and Miami counties. Our scores have been prominently the most leading out of scores from several other schools in the county. The Board congratulated the outstanding work done by “world-class staff”. Preparations are currently being made moving toward the test window to open up for state assessments in March.

With new courses being approved for the high school and middle schools, Dr. Smith provided updates on future curriculum. A list for adoptions of new text and instructional material was put together with estimated dates on when to bring those for Board approval this year. Dr. Smith provided a layout of the calendar.

Doug Schwinn, director of business & finance, discusses the ten-year running total of district fees. This timeline provides an idea of what increases and decreases in fees would be deemed reasonable in order to align with universal costs.

Phil Elliott, director of technology, presented guidelines on E-rate policies to the Board. This opportunity provides discounted internet services to provide to students and staff in the district. The Board is participating in an E-rate bid provided in order to replace six-year-old equipment. This will replace wireless internet equipment.


The complete agenda and presented information are available by visiting BoardDocs.

The complete meeting recording is available by visiting the Spring Hill Schools YouTube channel.