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BOE Meeting Recap, 01/26/2024

By Marissa Winkel, For Spring Hill Schools

The Spring Hill Schools Board of Education met January 26, 2024 at Forest Spring Middle to discuss several items. The following are important highlights from the meeting:

Good News, Recognitions, & Announcements

Forest Spring Middle Building Presentation

Discussion Items


Good News, Recognitions, & Announcements

There are many fun activities happening at Spring Hill Schools, including PALS at the high school which assists with student mental health. At Spring Hill Elementary, students recently experienced a real-life Mario Kart game around the library for meeting their school’s reading goals. With January being School Board Recognition Month, the Board was recognized by Dr. Link Luttrell, superintendent, for their service.


Forest Spring Middle Building Presentation

FSMS logoDarcy Sly, Forest Spring Middle principal, expressed the importance to her and her staff of working toward their building’s core values. One significant way they’ve been working toward that is their school’s Care Team. Every student in their school has someone to personally check up on to ensure they are doing well mentally and academically. Each staff chooses individuals, with each teacher having 10-15 students. Many staff check up on these individuals by seeing them in the hallway during passing periods or during lunch. Mark Shreve, counselor, found that some students have told him that they have a reason to get up in the morning now knowing that they have an adult that will care about them. Kaylee Duncan, FACS teacher, said it is great for semester class changes where students are in new classrooms, but also beneficial for letting the counselor know in cases of referring students.

Take C.H.A.R.G.E. tickets are given by staff to students who have made exemplary efforts for acts of kindness and responsibility. Jamie Rice, administrative secretary, said when she gives out tickets, “the best interruption is a student who is proud of themself”. Forest Spring Middle has weekly recognitions of ticket drawings, and Sly said she was surprised by how excited students get for each other. Monthly recognitions are put in the display case, and every ticket given out has a chance to be pulled throughout the year.

Students have also started setting weekly goals in which they see an overview of their week’s assignments and tests, and can plan that out based on their week’s availability. This gives students with extracurriculars the chance to plan out their week sufficiently. These SMART goals ensure they complete their tasks timely. Students also send weekly progress reports home to their parents which enhances parent-student communication. 


Discussion Items

Kyley Delphia, director of facilities, presented an update on the solar arrays that power a portion of the high school building. In July 2022, USD 230 established this partnership with Evergy working toward minimizing the district’s carbon footprint. Now, 18 months later, Delphia reported on the amount of coal saved and the amount of reduced carbon dioxide from putting solar-powered electricity in the high school. He also reported the overall costs expected as rates fluctuate. Recently, Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) approved the Kansas Energy Efficiency Investment Act (KEEIA) program which provides school districts the opportunity to apply for rebates and benefits toward energy efficient upgrades.

Dr. Joshua Robinson, assistant superintendent, gave an overview of changes to the in-district transfer guidelines related to the new open enrollment policy. The new procedures is set for approval in February and, after approval, the new process will start after spring break for accepting in-district transfer applications electroncially via Skyward.

Twice a year, the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) recommends policies additions and changes for school districts to consider. Robinson reviewed the seven recommended policy revisions, and he recommended adding policy GARIA and revising policy GARID based on what policies are already in place. By doing this, USD 230 ensures that current policies are in agreement with the regulations of state and federal law. GARIA benefits pregnant and parenting employees, giving them better accommodating lactation breaks. GARID would go through changes that clarify there is a wider range of military identification that should qualify for military leaves. These changes are to be approved in the next February Board meeting.

During the Board’s work session meeting on Jan. 29, they will discuss the Board’s roles and responsibilities with four new members. There is also an execustive session planned around the superintendent's contract and evaluation.


The complete agenda and presented information are available by visiting BoardDocs.

There is no recording available as morning Board of Education meetings in schools are not recorded.