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Wolf Creek Community Service Club Embarks on a Mission to Serve & Inspire, 11/13/2023

Community Service Club

Wolf Creek Elementary's Community Service Club serves as an inspiring model of how engagement can instill compassion, service, and responsibility among students. Rooted in the district's core value of an engaged community, this collective force, led by sponsors Michelle Seichepine, Amanda Preston, Lynette Pfingsten, Cathryn Siebenburgen, and Shelby Londene, is making a meaningful impact.

Established by a former school counselor years ago, the club's foundation lies in recognizing and addressing community needs. Evolving into a consistent contributor to the community's well-being, the club's current projects underscore its dedication to nurturing an engaged community.

Making Pins

"At our first meeting this year, students were excited about helping others, proving you are never too young to bring some good to our world," shared Preston. During that meeting, members crafted cards and pins for veterans attending the all-school assembly. Simultaneously, they decorated bags for children living in cars or others experiencing homelessness, filled with essentials and positive messages—an embodiment of the club's practical approach to community service.

Seichepine, highlighting the club's commitment, said, "Our vision is to work on creating projects that will help and encourage others in our community." This vision aligns seamlessly with the district's core value of an engaged community, emphasizing the importance of addressing broader community needs.

Making Cards

For the sponsors, the club provides a personal avenue for community service and the opportunity to build unique relationships with students beyond regular school hours. Preston sees it as a way to discover new aspects of students' personalities as they collaborate on projects. "It's a great way to build relationships with students that are different from the school day," she remarks.

Reflecting on the benefits for students, Seichepine underscores that the club instills the realization that they can make a difference through giving back, fostering a positive outlook. "Helping others can help to put things into perspective and make you feel more positive about your own circumstances," she adds.

Decorating Bags

As the Wolf Creek Community Service Club continues its service, its impact is evident not only through grand gestures but also in the subtle improvement of the community fabric. In each project and act of kindness, the club exemplifies the district's core value, proving that community engagement is about consistent and genuine contributions to collective well-being.