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Building Improvements for Spring Hill Schools Over Summer, 09/18/2023

By Marissa Winkel, For Spring Hill Schools

The Spring Hill Schools Facilities Department spent roughly ten weeks this past summer working on maintenance projects for numerous schools in the district. The majority of this work was dedicated to Spring Hill Middle.

SHMS Hallway Upgrade

Kyley Delphia, Director of Facilities, and his team entered the renovation planning in Fall 2022, knowing that older schools were in need of some interior upgrades.

“While we’ve recently built some new schools, we put just as much planning, effort, and passion into our existing schools,” Delphia said. “We want to keep all of our facilities in just as good condition as the others and strive to keep things equitable across the district.”

SHMS Classroom

In Spring Hill Middle, the previous five different floor types were upgraded in many parts of the building. All hallways and many of the rooms were also given fresh coats of paint. Room furnishings and LED lighting were also upgraded throughout the facility. Exterior projects included the painting of the stadium and new landscaping.

Kitchen Upgrades

In both Spring Hill Middle and Spring Hill Elementary, the kitchens underwent complete remodeling. The middle school’s kitchen now features brand new equipment and improved student entrance facilities, while the elementary school’s kitchen boasts new production areas and furnishings.

Improvements were also made to Prairie Creek Elementary, Wolf Creek Elementary, Early Childhood Center, and Spring Hill High School. Some of these improvements included sidewalk renovations, parking lot  replacements, new flooring, and some additional interior improvements.

Time constraints made it hard for the facilities team to manage this extent of changes over 10 weeks, but the changes were completed in time for students to return.

“The biggest impact of the improvements at the older school will be functionality and morale for both students and staff…Making the upgrades throughout the older buildings really improved things aesthetically and it was very evident in the comments we received,” Delphia stated.

The budget for these projects and the opening of new schools was successfully managed.

“The opening of the new schools have had many successes including being open on time, being under budget, and having everything fully operational with little to no issues from an operational standpoint,” Delphia said. “This is all due to having an exceptional group of people from the design team/construction company to all of the hard working and passionate individuals at the school district.”