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Core Values Campaign Draws upon Collective Talent, 05/04/2022

Publications students from Spring Hill Middle School are hard at work creating a storehouse of photography for the district’s upcoming Core Values campaign. Dr. Christopher Villarreal, Spring Hill School district’s Director of Communication and Engagement, met with the SHMS Publications class on April 11th.

During class, Dr. Villarreal introduced the students to the project. “The purpose of the project is to generate a collection of photos representing the core values that are authentic and from our school district. When putting together promotional materials for the campaign, we will have [a lot of] great photos to choose from.” Next, he led them in brainstorming what type of photos might best represent each of the core values.

Over the last month, students have been taking lots of photographs that could potentially exemplify the core values. This week, students will each select one photograph they feel best embodies each of the core values and draft explaining the connection between their photo of choice and the core value it illustrates. The deadline for photo submissions is May 6th.

Through the use of focus groups and a community survey, the Spring Hill School District Board of Education identified the following five core values: Student Success, Supportive Environment, Transparent Leadership, World-Class Staff, & Engaged Community. These values reflect the essential priorities held by the community.

Publications teacher, Ms. Noel Miller, commented, “This activity allows the Publication students an opportunity to see what journalism is like when you have to serve an authentic audience.  I am proud of the dedication and work they have put into this project.”

As the district launches its marketing campaign, be sure to keep an eye out for the images included on the posters, brochures, social media posts, etc. and know that a Maverick photographer’s hard work is behind the marketing.