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Art 6 & 7 Focus on Skills with Oil Pastels, 04/19/2022

There is an incredibly eye-catching display of color outside the art classroom this quarter! 6th and 7th grade artists in Ms. Vermillion’s art classes concluded their oil pastels projects recently. 

Sixth graders, with the task of drawing the eye of a dragon, practiced properly blending the oil pastels. The seventh graders created shadow and highlight in their pastels of still figures.

7th grader Skylar Kilbey said this about the project, “The oil pastel project this year was super fun and exciting! I learned so many new things such as how to blend and clean oil pastels. In preparation for the project we also learned about the color wheel and complementary colors. I really loved this project and hope we can do something similar in the future!” Fellow student Lucy Boden added, “I really enjoyed usings oil pastels because I liked shading with them. Something that challenged me was trying not to smear different colors into each other.” Teagan Smith had this to say, “The oil pastel project we did this year was very fun but challenging. It was fun because I got to learn more about the skill of oil pastels and the color wheel but, it was also challenging because going into the project I knew nothing about oil pastels. But Ms. Vermillion helped me along the way. I would definitely do this project again.”

“The time and care students put into the details of these projects really demonstrates the pride they have in their work. I’m really impressed with their craftsmanship,” said Ms. Vermillion. Images of some of the projects can be viewed on the school homepage and on SHMS social media accounts.