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STEM2 Hosts Battlebots Competition, 04/01/2022

It was a battle of the bots in STEM2 classes today. Teams went head to head in tournament competition trying to defeat other teams’ Spherobots.

Student groups were tasked with designing a cover for their team’s spherobot using popsicle sticks and art straws attached to a plastic cup that fits over the sphero robot. They had to consider a design that would act as both a defense against attack as well as an offense against other bots. 

Each class then held their own round robin tournament to determine whose bot could defeat the most other bots. In competition, the goal was to knock the opposing team’s cup off of their bot, or drive the bot through established barricades or off the table. Any of these results rendered the bot disabled.

The spherobot syncs via bluetooth with the student macbooks using software installed by the technology department.

The battle of the bots was a culminating project the STEM2 classes

completed with the spheros. Prior to this week, students designed and constructed vehicles that would hold a plastic easter egg. They then held  timed trials with them. This week’s project was a quick wrap-up to the unit that guaranteed some fun and friendly competition with less intense emphasis on design.

STEM instructor, Mr. Jeff Preston, said the best part of this unit was watching students truly get engaged in learning and the fun they have,  especially during the competition.