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6th Social Studies gets surprise teacher, 03/09/2022

Mr. Maples’ 6th grade social studies, who recently finished their unit on ancient Greece, had a guest instructor for a surprise lesson today. Principal Trevor Goertzen joined the Ancient Civilizations classes to teach using his personal experiences in Greece as a springboard. Much of what Mr. Goertzen shared was augmented with a Google Earth digital field trip.

Teaching a social studies lesson is something Mr. Goertzen has wanted to do for a while but major events have intervened, ie: a global pandemic and remote learning. Mr. Maples decided this was the year to jump on the opportunity. “I think three-fourths of the way through the school year, students benefit from hearing another voice. It brings the content to life when someone else they know & enjoy shares his or her passion about the same topic.”

Students were engrossed in Mr. Goertzen’s activities and travels in Greece during college, and were quick to engage in analyzing photos to answer questions. Topics covered included geography, ecology, mythology, and culture. Another highlight was the artifacts Mr. Goertzen brought to share, including stones, pottery, and parchment.