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Algebra Students Thwart Zombie Outbreak, 02/16/2022

Algebra 1 students were tasked with predicting the spread and helping prevent a zombie apocalypse from advancing across Spring Hill and the globe this week. 

SHMS Algebra 1 teacher, Ms. Woodward, reports that it all started with an emergency alert on Monday. Students were made aware that there had been a possible zombie outbreak in Alexandria, VA. A virus was identified as causing symptoms such as “increased speed, strength, and ability to regenerate or survive otherwise life-ending injuries” in addition to the typical relentless hunger for brains. Armed with numerical data on the number of confirmed cases, students assisted the Bureau of Special Investigations Monday and Tuesday in predicting hypothetical proliferation patterns, for example, linear vs. exponential spread.

On Wednesday, it was confirmed that a vaccine to prevent infection had been successfully engineered. Students then drafted proposals for global distribution that would enable the medical community to catch up and ultimately surpass the rate of infection in order to avert a total global zombie apocalypse. 

 On behalf of the Spring Hill community and-in fact-the world, “Thank You!” to Ms. Woodward’s Algebra 1 class for helping keep the world safe.