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Mav Academy helps students plan future, 02/09/2022

Most Mondays during Advisory, SHMS students are participating in Mav Academy. The purpose of Mav Academy is to give students time to explore future careers and interests through Xello. Students complete lessons about various topics including: learning styles, decision making, self-advocacy, and learning pathways. Students also complete an interest survey and explore potential careers for their future.  

During MAV academy students also set goals for themselves over the semester, learning about the 7 habits of learning, and look for artifacts to show their growth in the area of their choice.

Parent/teacher conferences in February are the culminating showcase of the work undertaken in Mav Academy. Students present to their parents the things they’ve learned about themselves as well as some of their best accomplishments of the year. 

Be sure to sign up for a P/TC slot by logging in to Skyward.