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Snow Day possibility triggers odd behaviors, 02/01/2022

Flushing ice cubes down the toilet, wearing your PJs backward to bed, sleeping with a spoon under your pillow, putting a white crayon in the freezer. The weather has lots of students and teachers in whispered huddles and even making classroom announcements on steps to take to guarantee a heavy snowfall tonight and tomorrow. As we move into February almost everyone is hoping for a snow day (or two).

The current winter storm warning that kicks into effect at 9PM tonight and extends to 6PM Thursday evening is forecasting freezing rain and heavy snow up to 14 inches. The Weather Channel predicts travel will be “very difficult to impossible”. 

The outcome seems inevitable; however, this would not be the first time this school year that the inevitable didn’t happen and we found ourselves in school the next morning. But, on the chance that we all find ourselves with eight hours of free time tomorrow, plans are being made. The most common activities include gaming, sledding, homework, sleeping in, sewing all day, baking, binge watching TV, and getting organized. The exception is Mr. Goertzen; he anticipates he will still come in to work or even work from home. 

Whatever the outcome, our hope is that all Mavericks are able to stay safe and warm.