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It's National Assistant Principals Week!, 04/07/2023

It’s National Assistant Principals Week! And to honor SHMS Mavericks’ two very special assistant principals, we’re sharing some interesting facts about Mrs. Skibbe and Mrs. Bales.

Where did you grow up? 

Mrs. Skibbe: Newton, Kansas.

Mrs. Bales: I grew up in Pennsylvania and Georgia. I was born in Georgia. My family moved to Pennsylvania when I was three; and then we moved back to Georgia when I was in middle school.

What were you like as a middle school student? 

Mrs. Skibbe: Introverted… always busy with sports & academics.

Mrs. Bales: I was very quiet and shy. I really kept to myself and did not have a lot of friends.

What is one of your hidden talents? 

Mrs. Skibbe: I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order in one breath.

Mrs. Bales: I can play the flute.

What school sport or activity do you enjoy the most? 

Mrs. Skibbe: Basketball / Scholars Bowl.

Mrs. Bales: I really enjoyed soccer.

How do you best show school spirit? 

Mrs. Skibbe: Attending activities/events and cheering on students!

Mrs. Bales: I like cheering on the students at events. I really enjoy showing up for them and talking to them about their successes the next day.

What is your favorite SHMS cafeteria food? 

Mrs. Skibbe: Not sure… I bring my lunch from home every day.

Mrs. Bales: I’ve been told the Bosco Sticks “are where it's at.”


So many of our students and staff admire you. How do you believe you are able to make such great connections? 

Mrs. Skibbe: I’m an active listener with a positive mindset and good sense of humor. 

Mrs. Bales: I really enjoy learning new things about people and supporting them.

Do you have pets? 

Mrs. Skibbe: A mini-aussie named Willow.

Mrs. Bales: I do not have pets.

What is your favorite song? 

Mrs. Skibbe: Favorite Band: Imagine Dragons

Mrs. Bales: On the Sunny Side of the Street by Billie Holiday.

What is your dream vacation? 

Mrs. Skibbe: Touring Europe.

Mrs. Bales: All expenses paid on a beach somewhere.

What or who inspires you? 

Mrs. Skibbe: My dad.

Mrs. Bales: The students/families inspire me.

Which Hogwarts House would you be sorted into? 

Mrs. Skibbe: HufflePuff.

Mrs. Bales: I would be in Hufflepuff. 

What is a must-have app for your phone?

          Mrs. Skibbe: I don’t have one.

Mrs. Bales: Podcasts for iPhone.

What is your best memory of your time at SHMS? 

Mrs. Skibbe: Tie between sneaking Bob the skeleton into Mr. Meek’s office or all the amazing conversations that are had at 7th grade lunch.

Mrs. Bales: I cannot think of one specific memory that was the best, but I love all the student activities, dances, games, dodge ball tournaments. They bring me so much joy.

Anyway you look at it, SHMS has the BEST assistant principals around! We are so glad to have Mrs. Skibbe and Mrs. Bales and appreciate everything they do for our school.