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Scholars’ Bowl Gears Up for a Great Season, 01/27/2023

Scholars’ Bowl has begun prepping for their season with before school practices. 7:15 - 7:45 AM every Tuesday and Thursday will find twenty-two students in Mrs. Kaechele’s room, 7th grade pitted against 8th grade while Mrs. Kaechele serves as moderator for the practice questions. The questions come from the categories of ELA, Science, Social Studies, Math, Fine Arts, Sports, and the Year in Review.

The season opener will be on Thursday, February 2nd. It will be a virtual competition including middle school teams from Spring Hill, Woodland Spring,  Prairie View, and Paola (as of press time). When asked how a virtual competition works, Mrs. Kaechele answered, “It will be on zoom with each team in their own room and an electronic question answering system via computers. The judge and moderator will be in a different room. The kids are acknowledged and answer via zoom. We started these during Covid to allow the kids to compete but it now gives us more teams to compete and less travel time for students. An in-person [meet] is better but this is a great opportunity for teams that are farther away.”

The remainder of the season includes: 

Tuesday, February 28 at Woodland Spring MS

Thursday, March 2 at Home

Tuesday, March 7 at Prairie View MS

Wednesday, March 8 at Paola MS

When asked why they love competing in Scholars’ Bowl, 8th grader Logan answered that most of his friend group is in Scholars’ Bowl and he “just loves answering questions.” Forrest, another 8th grader, commented, “I like knowing that my knowledge is worth something academically.”  


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