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Lecompton Territorial Museum Brings History to Life for 7th Graders 04/19/2024

On Thursday, April 18th, all Spring Hill Middle School 7th graders traveled to Lecompton to dive deep into Kansas’ history as a territory. While there, they followed two guided tours: Constitution Hall and the Territorial Capital Museum. According to its website, the Museum is dedicated to pre-Civil War history.


Students were also treated to a play put on by re-enactors from the Lecompton Historical Society. The play taught students about Bleeding Kansas and the debate over Kansas’ future as a free or slave state with actors playing some of the important people of that time period, such as Sara Robinson and John Brown.


Ms. Katie Kanatzer, 7th grade Kansas History teacher and organizer of the field trip, said, “The students really enjoyed the play. It brought history to life for them.”