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Mavericks Launch Reading Buddy Initiative with SHELA, 11/29/2023

A fun collaboration between Spring Hill Middle School and Spring Hill Early Learning Academy begins this week. A select group of Mavericks - 6th through 8th grade - will become Reading Buddies with PreK students across the street.


This initiative, which starts November 30th and will run until the end of the school year, is being overseen by ELA teacher Andrea Carley. “Dr. Weber approached me with the idea. We were then able to meet with Stephanie Barnhill, the preschool principal, and Jennifer Kuhn, the school psychologist at both buildings, to work out the details and plan our first visit.” According to Dr. Weber, “Jennifer has been the driving force behind the whole thing. She and I came up with the idea, and she has navigated the communication between both buildings and teachers!” Weather permitting, Mavericks will cross the street every other Thursday during their ELA hour with Mrs. Carley and interact with the preschoolers through storybooks.


Middle schoolers spent Wednesday practicing their read aloud skills.  “One great benefit of this program for our middle schoolers,” commented Mrs. Carley, “is that it provides real world reading opportunities.” And the PreK students will certainly love the opportunity to interact with the older students to whom they look up.


Below, Mrs. Carley prepares her students for Reading Buddies with some simple guidelines for reading aloud.


Read aloud instructions