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ELA7 Expresses Themselves Through Masks, 11/02/2023

Last week, masks of all kinds were on display in the Maverick Library to showcase 7th graders’ cultural identities. 


Mrs. Schuler’s 7th grade ELA classes read the short story “Borders” by Thomas King as part of a review of all the skills they worked on in Unit 1 such as inferencing, summarizing, and identifying theme. According to Mrs. Schuler, “the theme of the story was understanding the importance of having pride in your culture. Students created masks to symbolize their culture. They had to place ten items on their mask that symbolized who they are. Then, they typed ten sentences to explain their symbols to their peers.”


Each class brought their masks to the library and displayed them alongside the explanations. Students were then given a feedback form to comment on the symbols they found interesting or that they could relate to from their classmates’ masks.


Students giving peer feedback     Peer reviews