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Scholars Bowl Kick Off, 01/20/2023

Another season opens at Woodland Spring Middle School. Not on the basketball court or the playstage, but in the classroom. Scholars Bowl gets ready to kick off in February for the Woodland team of academics. Scholars Bowl is a game in which two teams compete against each other head-to-head to answer questions from all areas of knowledge including history, literature, science, math, current events, and sports.


The Scholars Bowl program was founded under Coach Ben Gehring, originally at Spring Hill Middle School in 2017. Gehring has since brought the program to Woodland Spring, where he has fielded a team each year, with the exception of 2020. This year the Scholars Bowl team will be competing in four competitions and will host a tournament for the first time at Woodland Spring Middle School. The season schedule is as follows:

  • February 2 @ Prairie View Middle School
  • February 28 @ Woodland Spring Middle
  • March 2 @ Spring Hill Middle School
  • March 8 @ Paola Middle School

Article written by: Mr. Ben Gehring