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Former SHHS Grad Throws Pottery for Art Classes 12/15/2022

Miss Alisyn Lucas demonstrates throwing pottery.Ms. Alisyn Lucas, a 2014 Spring Hill High School graduate and master potter, was a guest speaker this week in Mrs. Gazzano’s art classes. Ms. Lucas spent some time speaking with the students about the vocabulary associated with clay and pottery. She went over four different stages of clay and taught them steps, tricks, and tips for using a pottery wheel. Ms. Lucas demonstrated how to make cylinders and vases. Students received hands-on instruction learning the importance of centering the clay on the wheel. Some students were given the opportunity to handle the worked clay and feel finished pieces for depth.


When students returned from Thanksgiving break, Mrs. Gazzano began pottery lessons with her students. They began hand building to create pinch pots which they have since turned into bobble heads. These art pieces are currently in the “bone dry” stage (moisture is out of the clay and dry enough for the first firing). WSMS eighth grade art students will be “throwing pottery” (shaping clay on a wheel) in the coming days ahead.