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Sixth Graders Represent WSMS in CML, 12/09/2022

Members of CML poseThe Continental Math League is a national problem-solving competition that requires students to complete timed-written tests. A select group of sixth graders at Woodland Spring Middle School will meet once a month from November through March, where they are challenged to answer six challenging word problems within thirty minutes without help.


WSMS held their first meet on Friday, November 18.  The following students did a good job and correctly answered three out of the six questions: Aadith George, Kylea Haney, Langly Krings, Olivia Saylor, and Kendall Walsh.  Our Team Representatives for Meet One were: Sohum Bhagwat, Logan Brenner, Owen Casanova, London Chezem, Jayvion Gikuya, Carter Hendrickson, Brayden Hunt, Kai Lynn, and Myles Revelle correctly answering four out of six questions and our top scorers with five out of six correct were Logan Engle and Morgan Hu.  There were a few tricky questions in there that challenged their thinking. We are proud of all of their efforts and the work shown—great thinking on these questions. 


Meet Two was held on Friday, December 6, 2022 and the results are in!  This meet was AMAZING!!  We would like to acknowledge the following six people who correctly answered four out of six problems: Archer Brown, London Chezem, Aadith George, Kylynn Herrman, Greyson O’Neil, and Ainsley Olcott.  Not to be outdone, these nine students deserve recognition for correctly solving five out of the six problems: Cody Beashore, Zoey Fuqua, Jayvion Gikuya, Kylea Haney, Langly Krings, Kai Lynn, Abigail Messinger, Myles Revelle, and Kendall Walsh. Finally, our Team Representatives for Meet Two included seven students with PERFECT PAPERS correctly answering all six problems: Congratulations to Sohum Bhagwat, Logan Brenner, Owen Casanova, Logan Engle, Carter Hendrickson, Braden Hunt, and Olivia Saylor.


Congratulations to all the students who participated in our first two meets.


~article written by sponsor Mrs. Kristi Bickford