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Student Organized Clubs Promotes Leadership, 10/28/2022

Leadership at the middle school level is typically filled by the teachers and staff in the classrooms. As WSMS educators guide students to make decisions for themselves and develop confidence in their independence, the road is being paved for students to step up into leadership roles throughout the school. The Student Personal Development Team wanted to identify ways to encourage students to become more active in school outside of the classroom. A large percentage of our students are currently involved in extracurricular activities, but most of those students are 7th and 8th graders due to their involvement in sports. We love that our athletics teams have so many participants, and that our students want to be involved. However, we would like to see even more of our students participate in areas outside of academics and sports. Presenting opportunities for participation in a variety of clubs would provide an opportunity to students who may not have an interest in sports, and for 6th graders who are not old enough to participate. We believe giving students ownership of creating their own clubs will get students excited about being involved. Involvement in clubs will help them work on leadership skills, social skills, and provide them with something positive to look forward to.


Students have been encouraged to start a club of their choice by filling out a club proposal form found in the counselor reception hallway, door 109.  As part of the application process, students must ask a staff member to sponsor them, gather other students with the same interest, and seek administration's approval for the club. Allowing students to create and lead their own clubs will help develop capable, confident leaders that will help make our world a better place.