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Stallion Ambassador Hannah Mathy Soars in Classroom, 10/21/2022

WSMS students are offered a unique opportunity to not only be mentored by a teacher in a field they are interested in, but to also assist the teacher and younger grade levels throughout the school year. Eighth grade Stallion Ambassador Hannah Mathy took her ambassador role to the next level in Mr. Clary’s Computer Science Discovery 6 class last quarter. According to Mr. Clary, Hannah took his course as a 7th grader. She excelled rapidly through the curriculum and completed several additional learning extensions. Hannah’s interest in computer science led her to becoming a Stallion Ambassador this year. “Hannah is a really great programmer. When she became my ambassador, she was like a second teacher in the classroom,” Clary indicated. The 6th graders began working on individual coding assignments, and Hannah walked around the classroom assisting Mr. Clary in fielding student questions.  After only a couple of weeks of observing how well Hannah worked with the younger students, Mr. Clary approached her about teaching a lesson. Hannah was excited about the opportunity. “I asked her if she wanted to use some of my resources or work together on something, but she created her own resource from scratch that taught the concept and assessed student learning in one complete lesson!” Clary exclaimed. The lesson Hannah developed was a success! Students enjoy learning from her. When asked about receiving the lesson, sixth grader Jackson Briggs stated, “She explained everything really well!” Hannah is a perfect example of what a Stallion Leader looks like in a 6th grade classroom.


The Stallion Ambassadors program is an independent elective course that allows students to work with teachers as an aide in an academic area that interests them. This is the second year WSMS has implemented the program. The program is an option for 8th graders and takes the place of an elective course. Ambassadors spend time assisting the teacher prepare classroom materials, working with students in the class, gaining a deeper knowledge of  the content, and learning a little more about the teaching profession. This opportunity allows students to build relationships with staff members that mentor them in a field that interests them, as well as promotes the development of leadership skills. Before students are admitted into the program, they must submit a completed application for approval. Applications will be available in the spring for the 2023-24 school year for current 7th grade students.