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Melius Receives Three Honorable Mentions in Walsworth Photo Contest, 05/02/2024

This week we are recognizing another outstanding student, Aubrey Melius! Aubrey was given honorable mentions for three photos she submitted in the annual Walsworth photo contest. When Jessica Gazzano first received the text notification from our regional representative Tracy Tuley, the award was celebrated throughout the publications class. The contest was composed of 6,373 photos and was the biggest contest Walsworth had to offer. She was also one of only three middle school students to win in the country! Aubrey used her cooperation, determination, and kindness to win this big contest while also helping her class create this year's yearbook. 

Aubrey’s leadership skills helped her to win the big contest with high honor.  In the first couple months of a brand new class, all students in the 2023-2024 publications class learned the basic skills needed to work a camera and edit photos. This came in handy for the many photos taken throughout the year. With the skills learned, some of Aubrey’s classmates came to her for help, and she gratefully accepted the challenges of being a leader. “She’s always there to help and she’s very kind. Because she’s kind she is easier to come up to and talk to,” stated classmate Harper Pluid. During the yearbook process, she was a good team player, helper, being there whenever we needed her. Aubrey sets a great example for all middle schoolers.

~Written by Madison Cook and Sophia Hatch; 8th grade


*You can see Aubrey's award winning photos in the Walsworth Photo Contest Winners Gallery here: