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Fall Fun in Life Skills, 11/02/2023

Life Skills students and teachers pose in front of haybales for a photo. Fall brings beautiful colors, brisk winds, and visits to orchards. Woodland Spring’s Life Skills class braved the unseasonably chilly weather last Friday and visited Geringer’s Orchard in Edgerton. The students enjoyed many activities that the orchard has to offer in addition to visiting the pumpkin patch to pick their own pumpkins to bring back to the classroom for more learning opportunities.


Student enjoys time on the rope web. Learning through play provides students the opportunity to develop skills they need to thrive and be successful. Geringer’s offers a wide range of ways to play on the farm. They have fun play equipment made from a variety of materials including logs, tree stumps, and hay mountains. The students and teachers alike enjoyed sliding down the gigantic slide. The slide is divided down the center to create the perfect opportunity for “racing” a friend to the bottom. Who doesn’t love a giant sling shot to launch apples with? Or a wagon ride pulled by a large tractor? All that play worked up appetites and Geringer’s did not disappoint. Students and teachers enjoyed cider donuts and warmed up with some hot cider. Before heading back to Woodland Spring, each student picked out his/her own pumpkin to bring back with them. “The kids had a fantastic time at the Pumpkin Patch and a lot of great memories were made,” Mr. Peavey stated when asked about his experience chaperoning this adventure. “Our staff does an incredible job in creating opportunities for our students and this field trip was a perfect example.  It was a little chilly, but a lot of fun!”


Students measure and weigh pumpkins. Fall fun continued in the classroom over the next few school days. The pumpkins the students chose were subject to a multitude of learning activities. Mathematics skills were practiced as students used different scales to weigh their squash then measured them with rulers. They also counted the prominent lines that adorned the skin. Science skills came into play as the students tested the gourds’ ability to sink or float in a water bath. Artful activities included the pumpkin serving as a model for our Picasos as they sketched them and then painted the orange shells.